Music is a big part of our everyday life: we listen to it during romantic dates with an escort, under the shower, or even when we feel especially emotional. Nowadays we have a wide range of genres to choose from that can better reflect our mood. But it hasn’t always been like that.

The most popular rock and roll artists of all time that changed music

Once the music was very simply divided: there was classical music, mainly for the upper class, and traditional music for the people. As you can explain to your Amsterdam escort, the 20th century saw not only huge steps forward in technologies and science: this was the century for a real music revolution.

At the beginning of the 1900, many classic music conventions started to fall apart in Europe: classical dogmas were called into question and revolutionized, for example by Schoenberg’s twelve-tone technique. In the meantime, in the USA, black music was becoming more and more popular with genres like rhythm and blues in the 1940s and 1950s. And this, as you and your Amsterdam escort might know, is where the history of rock’n’roll starts.

The title of first rock’n’roll song is still contented, but the first hits are known to everybody: “Rock the Joint”, by Jimmy Preston, and “Rock Awhile” by Goree Carters are some of the most famous. But one man really made clear that rock’n’roll was here to stay: Elvis Presley, rightfully known as “the King”, made this genre famous worldwide. You and your lady companion met on the Escort Directory probably know his biggest hits, like “Love Me Tender” and “It’s All Right (Mama)”.

After the 1950s boom, rock music saw an evolution and it split into different genres. Surf music became popular in the 1960s: the Beach Boys were all the rage, and many of their singles, like “Surfing USA”, are still very popular nowadays. Next in line in the history of rock, we find one band that became legend: The Beatles, from Liverpool, UK. You and your escort probably listen to their biggest successes all the time, like “Hey Jude” or “Yellow Submarine”.

A genre that changed music: rock and roll, and the biggest rock stars of all time

Also in Britain, rock developed into punk in the early 1970s: punk artists wanted to create radical music, completely detached from previous genres. Your Amsterdam escorts like those from may know the most famous bands from Britain, the Sex Pistols and the Clash, or from the United States, like the Ramones. In the meantime, progressive and hard rock were becoming very popular as well: Pink Floyd is another band that made history, with its revolutionary concept album “The Dark Side of The Moon” from 1973.

Nowadays, rock goes with basically anything you can think of: jazz, glam, Christian, pop, indie; it has really become an all-encompassing genre that can satisfy the musical needs of everyone. If you choose these iconic bands and singers for a date with your Amsterdam escort, rest assured that she will love your stimulating soundtrack.